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Bexley, located in south-eastern Greater London, is often referred to as Bexley Village. Originally, an ancient parish in Kent, the village is rich in history and culture, with a choice of excellent attractions. It is popular with professionals and families, offering excellent transport links and a host of welcome amenities. There are eighty-eight schools in the area, eighty-three are state funded, while the remainder are independently owned.

When you live in Bexley, you have the benefit of visiting the famous Hall Place and Gardens, a historical home with a fascinating history. Here you can explore a host of exhibitions, enjoy public events, while exploring the gardens. If you getting married, Hall Place and Gardens is a popular choice. There is also the very popular Danson House and Park that was re-opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II in July 2005.

Another of the attractions that oozes history and culture is the Crossness Pumping Station, a nineteenth-century sewage pumping station that was partly restored to its Victorian design. It is run by four beam engines, one is fully restored. It is a definite must-see when visiting Bexley.

Metal Balustrades Bexley
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Benefits of Balustrades in Bexley

Bexley is home to a variety of house styles including Georgian, Tudor, and Colonial. All benefit from metal balustrades in Bexley. At Vinny Metalworks, we have had the pleasure to work on many of the homes in this area.

Though a variety of home styles are available in Bexley, some of the most prominent architectural forms include the Georgian, Tudor, and Colonial Revival styles. The Georgian homes often have balustrades on their interior staircases, while the Colonial styles may have metal balustrades on the roof. We take pride in ensuring that the metal balustrades we manufacture and install in Bexley, blend in with the overall design of the property.

Balustrades in Bexley properties offer an extensive range of excellent benefits. From creating curb appeal to protecting your property. When your metal balustrades are carefully crafted, they can protect your home against unwanted animals. It also helps ward off any thieves, offering you additional safety and security. They can also help to increase your property value, they require very little maintenance, and we will make your metal balustrades to your unique specifications and requirements.

How Vinny Metalworks Can Bring Your Metal Balustrades in Bexley to Life

With over twenty five years experience in the steelworks industry, we at Vinny Metalworks, are able to bring your metal balustrades in Bexley to life. Whether you are looking for balustrades on the upper landing of your home or you want to protect your terraced area, making it safe when the children are out to play, we can assist.

We have an expert team of craftsmen, engineers, and designers, enabling us to provide you with a complete end-to-end service. We will assist with the design, manufacture, and installation of your metal balustrades, offering you competitive prices without ever compromising on quality. We take great pride in the high quality and innovative metalworks we provide, ensuring your needs are met and your expectations are surpassed.

Our expert team pay close attention to every cut and weld that we make, ensuring you receive a long-lasting balustrade that you can trust. With a choice of design features and finishes, we can provide you with the best metal balustrade that will enhance your Bexley home with confidence. Contact us today to find out more.

Metal Balustrades Bexley

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