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Bromley, a town in Greater London, is ideally located not far from Charing Cross. Home to more than eighty eight thousand people, this lovely town is popular with professionals and families. With excellent transport links, an excellent sense of community, and top-rated schools, it is no surprise that more people are looking to buy homes in the Bromley area.

This old Kent market town became a top residential area after the railway growth in 1860, offering easy access to central London. Today it is brimming with entertainment, shopping, business offices, and light industry.

The majority of homes in Bromley are Victorian styled homes. They were built using wooden railings in the form of Lathed balusters. These tend to be thicker than normal, closely spaced, making them safer for families with younger children. Over time many of these balustrades have began to rot, with home owners turning to us at Vinny Metalworks to come up with a long-term solution that helps improve safety with minimal maintenance.

Metal Balustrades Bromley
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Home Owners Choose Metal Balustrades in Bromley

Home owners that are looking to replace old and rotten Victorian wooden railings are looking for modern metal balustrades in Bromley, that will be aesthetically pleasing, while blending in with the Victorian style of their home. Metal has considerable advantages over the traditional wood balustrades, making them a worthwhile investment.

Metal does not rot or decay and the risk of insect infestation and mould is reduced. This strong and durable material is long lasting and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for home owners these days. When wood rots, it can break easily, making it unsafe when you have younger children in the home that may try and kick or may fall against the balustrade.

When it comes to installation, metal balustrades in Bromley are much easier to install. Metal is a consistent material that can be installed quickly and efficiently, reducing disruption in the home during the installation process. When it comes to your balustrades, you want a material that is strong and durable, providing longevity and safety. In addition to these balustrades being aesthetically pleasing and available in a range of designs to meet your architecture, they are cost-effective, when compared to other materials.

Vinny Metalworks Remains Leaders for Metal Balustrades in Bromley

When it comes to high quality steel fabrication in Bromley, Vinny Metalworks remains a leading choice. With our years of experience, expert craftsmen, and prompt, professional, and first class services, we are delighted to be considered a leader for metal balustrades that are durable, long lasting, and exceptionally strong.

We provide our clients with innovative ideas. We are not afraid to push the bar to come up with a design that meets your needs and preferences. Our expert team of designers and craftsmen work together to turn your idea into a reality. We offer precision engineering with attention to detail. Every cut, weld, and join is done with the greatest of care, ensuring you receive the finest quality metal balustrades in Bromley.

All the metal balustrades we produce at custom made to your exact specifications. We focus on sustainability, doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint at all times when producing your high quality and durable metal balustrades in Bromley. Give our team a call today to take advantage of your free, no obligation quote.

Metal Balustrades Bromley

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