Custom Made Metal Balustrades in Lambeth

Lambeth, located in South London, was originally an ancient parish of Surrey. Ideally located across the river from the famous Westminster Abbey and only a short drive from Charing Cross, it is a popular area for professionals and families alike. In 2011, there were just over three hundred thousand residents in Lambeth.

The area started to gain popularity in the medieval period, with significant development taking place during the Victorian era. Today it is a busy industrial, commercial, and residential neighbourhood with properties located adjacent to each other. High rise buildings were introduced in the early twenty first century.

The area remains mostly residential, though it is famous for its waterfront developments, located directly across the River Thames from the City of Westminster and Houses of Parliament. It is home to the popular tourist attraction the London Eye and OXO Tower.

Metal Balustrades Lambeth
Metal Balustrades ades-lambeth

Beautiful Terraced Homes with Metal Balustrades in Lambeth

The most common property style you will encounter in Lambeth is pre-1900 terraced homes. The majority of residential properties are buildings that were constructed prior to 1929, many of them needing ongoing maintenance and care to keep them in good order. Terraced homes are attached houses, sharing walls with the houses on either side. They form rows of homes without any gaps with a uniform height, roof line, and shape.

Metal balustrades are a common sight on terraced homes in Lambeth, providing safety on upper floor balconies and stairwells. Some use metal balustrades on the roof. Many of the terraced homes range from two to four storeys in height and the metal balustrades reduce the risk of falls, protecting children and pets, keeping them safe.

Due to the fact that many of the residential properties in Lambeth are pre-1900 terraced homes, many owners are looking for innovative ways to improve the aesthetics, modernising their homes, while ensuring the best in safety and security. Metal balustrades are a welcome addition to these homes, offering durability, strength, and longevity.

Vinny Metalworks Remain Leaders for Metal Balustrades in Lambeth

Backed by more than twenty five years of experience, Vinny Metalworks remains at the forefront of the metal balustrades industry in Lambeth. We provide you with a complete end-to-end service from the design to the manufacturing and installation of your metal balustrades for your home or commercial property.

The expert team at Vinny Metalworks includes expert craftsmen, designers, and engineers that pay close attention to detail, providing clients with bespoke metal balustrades in Lambeth. Each project is unique and the team provide custom made solutions, helping clients improve the aesthetics and safety of their homes and commercial spaces with confidence.

We are the leaders for metal balustrades in Lambeth, focusing heavily on innovation and sustainability. We do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, providing clients with first class solutions that they can trust. Are you ready to enjoy a maintenance free balustrade that offers durability, strength, beauty, and longevity? Contact the expert team at Vinny Metalworks today and secure your free, no obligation quote.

Metal Balustrades Lambeth

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