Protecting Families with Metal Balustrades in South London for 25+ Years

South London sits south of the famous River Thames, comprising of a number of boroughs. Originally South London emerged from Southwark, extending into northern Surrey and western Kent. It is considered one of the best places to live in London, with a bustling night life, peaceful scenery, and modern cafes, pubs, and restaurants. It is very popular with young professionals that travel into Central London. It's a quick tube ride of just over an hour.

South London offers spectacular architecture, world class heritage sites, a wide selection of attractions, along with a number of sporting venues. It is also considered the most expensive places to live in the United Kingdom. Keeping your property up to scratch and reducing the risk of dropping in revenue, adding metal balustrades to your South London property, keeps it safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing.

The most common property types in South London are beautiful apartments and semi-detached homes. Both of these properties choose metal balustrades South London. Apartments use metal balustrades on their balconies to reduce falls, while semi-detached homes use them on their internal staircase, ensuring easy access up and down the stairs. Metal balustrades in South London protect your family and visitors in your home and your employees and clients in your business.

Metal Balustrades South London
Metal Balustrades South London

Meeting Building Regulations with our Metal Balustrades in South London

At Vinny Metalworks, we provide our clients with a complete service. This includes the design, manufacturing, and installation of your metal balustrades in London. Over and above this, we ensure we are updated with the latest Building Regulations, providing you with a service and product that you can trust.

Private homes in South London require a balustrade when the difference in floor level is more than 600mm. All buildings, other than private homes, a balustrade must be installed when the staircase has more than two risers. This means that employers in the area need to ensure that they provide a safe workplace for their employees. This includes reducing the risk of personal injury, such as slips and falls.

In public buildings, installing a metal balustrade is recommended when there is a change in floor level that is over 380mm, or when a staircase has more than two risers. In homes, metal balustrades are necessary when the floor level changes by more than 600mm. Building inspectors check the work of our expert team, ensuring that our metal balustrades in South London meet the regulations regarding height, based on the building category.

Aesthetically Pleasing Metal Balustrades in South London

Our metal balustrades in South London are works of art. Each one is custom made to our clients unique specifications and requirements. We provide a choice of styles and finishes, completing each metal balustrade to perfection. Our complete service includes the design, manufacturing, and installation of your balustrades in your South London home or business property.

With more than twenty five years of experience, Vinny Metalworks has experience working in all types of buildings and homes. We work efficiently, cleanly, and we offer minimal disruption throughout the installation process. As an added bonus, we also offer the convenience of a free, no obligation quote, so you know exactly what your metal balustrade in South London will cost.

We have an expert team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen who pay close attention to detail, ensuring every project we complete every project to the finest standard. Our teams have worked together for years, offering innovative, efficient, and high quality services to our South London clients. Call us today to take advantage of your free, no obligation quote and let us help you protect your home or business property today.

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Metal Balustrades South London

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