Providing Steel Beams in Bexley

Bexley is ideally located in south-eastern Greater London, often referred to as Bexley Village by the locals. Originally Bexley was an ancient parish of Kent, an important part of the growth of London throughout the twentieth century. It has increased in popularity with sustainable planning in place to create a sustainable and diverse community for families and professionals alike.

Bexley has joined numerous other global cities in their pledge to reduce their carbon emissions by 2030. At Vinny Metalworks we provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable services when manufacturing and installing steel beams in Bexley. We work alongside the areas sustainable plan, working to sustainable standards, reducing our carbon footprint.

Our steel beams are suitable for all property types in Bexley from new apartment buildings to malls and supermarkets, and office buildings to commercial and industrial properties. Backed by more than twenty five years of experience, we are proud of our success to date, remaining leaders for steel beams throughout the Bexley area.

Steel Beafms Bexley
Steel Beafms Bexley

Strong Structures Come From Steel Beams in Bexley

Our steel beams are an essential part of any structure, increasing its strength. They are an invaluable part of any large construction project, supporting both residential and commercial buildings, stadiums, bridges, and skyscrapers. The steel beam is responsible for carrying the load above it. Their strength and durability, enables the beams to withstand just about any weather including heavy snow, severe storms, and high winds. The beams help buildings maintain their shape and stability, even in the worst weather.

Vinny Metalworks supplies steel beams to be used in a variety of structures throughout Bexley. It's common to see these steel beams in Bexley homes supporting the basement. They are strong, durable, and can span over long distances. Before the 1950s, wood beams were used, steel was only introduced after the 1960s and quickly became a leading choice in homes throughout the area.

Steel beams are highly beneficial in Bexley homes. They are exceptionally durable and can tolerate heavy loads thanks to its high strength to weight ratio. They are also recyclable, that means that the steel beams work seamlessly with the sustainability plan for the area. They are also rust and corrosion resistant, making them last longer than other materials without the risk of warping.

Support Your Bexley Structure with Steel Beams from Vinny Metalworks

Steel beams in Bexley come in two forms, the standard form is the I-beam. It has been named due to its shape profile. This steel beam has two horizontal plates, called flanges, that create a capital "I" when you look at them. There is also a "H" beam. This has a wide flange with a wider shape profile with two plates making up the upper flanges, equal in size, that look like a capital "H." H beams tend to be thicker than I-beams.

Vinny Metalworks has over twenty five years experience supplying and installing steel beams for construction projects throughout Bexley. Our steel beams are used to support structures, both inside and outside. They are also used to support the roofing structure, increasing durability and strength. They can be used for flooring, commonly used as floor joists, providing additional strength in buildings. We also supply our high quality steel beams for bridges, working seamlessly with small and large bridges.

When you choose Vinny Metalworks for your steel beams in Bexley, you will not be disappointed. In addition to our twenty five years experience and our expert team of professionals, we also provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Give us a call today to find out more.

Steel Beafms Bexley

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