Background Of Steel Beams In South London

South London is the most southern section of London, it is located on the south bank of the famous River Thames, comprising of a number of boroughs including Richmond, Croydon, Bexley, Bromley, Kingston, Southwark, and Wandsworth, to name a few. Originally, South London was part of Southwark, extended down into Surrey and into western Kent.

It is considered a favourite place to live if you want the excitement of city life with peaceful scenery. There is no shortage of parks, cafes, pubs, and restaurants, making it a top choice with younger professionals. It has a village like feel with the best that an urban world has to offer. It is overflowing with history and culture, while offering a vibrant night life, great dining experiences, and a wide choice of hangouts.

On average, home buyers find that they get more for their money when buying in South London, compared to the northern side of the river. There is a number of fabulous neighbourhoods to choose from, offering a vibrant night life, family friendly areas, historical options, along with cosmopolitan living.

Steel Beafms-south London
Steel Beafms-south London

Build Your Dream Project with Steel Beams In South London

When it comes to building your dream home, office building, or commercial space, steel will provide you with open spaces using fewer columns, when compared to other materials, such as wood. Even with fewer beams, steel can carry heavier loads than other materials. Building your dream home, office complex, or retail park is not an overnight story. There is so much that needs to be taken into consideration, from choosing the architect and construction team, to choosing the best quality steel beams that South London has to offer.

If you are deciding between wood or steel beams, you need to know how it will impact your overall build. These beams are responsible for making your flooring structure. Wood tends to warp and buckle over time, leading to your floor sloping to one side or to the centre of the home. This is often a sign that you have a problem with the main beam. When it comes to your project, you can choose between wood, concrete, or steel beams. Steel beams are the most popular with the most benefits.

Steel beams in South London are stronger and more durable, yet they remain slimmer in profile. Wooden beams, offer support, but they have a short life span. You need more beams when using wood to get the structural support that you need. When you choose steel beams, you have more creativity when it comes to your floor plan and design. At Vinny Metalworks, we can pre-make your steel beams based on your design and style needs, delivered and installed to your South London build.

Environmental Sustainability of Steel Beams In South London

Steel beams offer the best in weight bearing strength with less vertical support. You can build roof lines that extend way beyond the exterior walls, or a wider balcony without vertical support. It is no surprise that clients are turning to us at Vinny Metalworks to manufacture and install their steel beams based on their design requirements and specifications.

While wood is biodegradable and will decompose eventually, it is not as durable as steel beams. Wood puts you at risk of fire and termite infestation. At the same time, steel beams are corrosion resistant, weather resistant and are not combustible. They are galvanized against rust, offering a very long life span, offering you an excellent return on your investment.

Our steel beams are all environmentally friendly. Every one of the steel beams you purchase from Vinny Metalworks in South London are recyclable. They are long lasting, versatile, strong, and durable. They are the ideal choice for residential and commercial construction projects. Call Vinny Metalworks today to find out more.

Steel Beafms-south London

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