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Lewisham, located in south east London, is six miles from Charing Cross, offering excellent transport links to Central London. This lovely area is appealing to families and professionals, and is one of the thirty five major centres of Greater London. With a population of just over sixty thousand residents, Lewisham continues to growth and flourish.

The first written reference about Lewisham comes from 862 where the boundaries were established. It is believed it was founded by a pagan who settled near St Mary's Church in the sixth century. Originally, it was a small village until trains were introduced. It has a mix of creative communities combined with wonderful neighbourhoods, along with high rise buildings and Victorian homes. This adds to its diversity, keeping in line with its rich history.

Today, it appeals to professionals and families with its excellent transport connections, amazing shopping areas, cultural experiences, open green spaces, and up and coming food and drinks establishments. In addition to this, Lewisham is constantly going through improvements, making it more appealing to new home buyers, home builders, and those wanting to grow their business.

Steel Fabrication Lewisham
Steel Fabrication Lewisham

Proven Four Part Steel Fabrication Process In Lewisham

At Vinny Metalworks, we follow a four part steel fabrication process in Lewisham that includes cutting, welding, forming and shaping, and finishing. Our expert craftsmen use a variety of cutting methods including sawing, shearing, and plasma cutting to shape the steel into your specific size and dimensions. We ensure that we use precise cutting methods to achieve accuracy with clean edges. Every part of our process is quality managed to ensure that the steel fabrication services we provide to our clients in Lewisham is top notch.

The next step is welding, an important part of the steel fabrication process. This is where we fuse two or more pieces together using heat, pressure, or both. Once everything is cut and welded, we form and shape the steel to your exact requirements and specifications. We use this to manufacture columns, beams, railings, balustrades, security gates, and more.

The final step in the steel fabrication process is finishing. Once the fabrication is complete, we apply the finishing touches. This can be a surface treatment, such as sandblasting, galvanising, painting, or powder coating. This improves the aesthetic appeal of the steel, while protecting it against any environmental factors, while extending its lifespan.

High Quality Steel Fabrication Services in Lewisham from Vinny Metalworks

Vinny Metalworks provides the same high quality steel fabrication services to clients in Lewisham, whether you are constructing a bridge, high rise, or extending your home. We provide you with a free,no obligation quote, no hidden fees and no surprises.

Backed by more than twenty five years experience, Vinny Metalworks are experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of steel products from steel beams and architectural steel to railings, balustrades, security doors, and security gates. We have built our business on value, quality, and innovation. Using the latest techniques and paying close attention to detail, we ensure you receive the quality product you need. We turn your idea into a reality with our bespoke steel fabrication services in Lewisham.

Our personalised services are rooted deep within our business. Our team include expert designers, engineers, and craftsmen providing our clients with first class services, high quality steel products, and competitive prices. Don't delay, contact Vinny Metalworks about your steel fabrication needs in Lewisham today.

Steel Fabrication lewisham

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We stand forefront of London's steel fabrication scene, boasting unparalleled experience spanning more than two decades.
Vinny Metalworks offers a wide range of steel fabrication services, including structural steel fabrication, RSJ beams, metal fences, balustrades, railings, and intricate welding projects.
Vinny Metalworks ensures quality by using high-quality materials, employing skilled craftsmen with extensive experience, adhering to strict quality control measures throughout the fabrication process, and complying with industry standards and regulations.
Yes, Vinny Metalworks specialises in bespoke steel fabrication solutions tailored to each client's specific needs. Whether it's a unique design, non-standard measurements, or intricate details, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and expertise.
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