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RSJ Structural Steelwork

Experience unmatched structural integrity with our meticulously fabricated Structural Steelwork. Engineered to exact specifications and in full compliance with Building Regulations, our fabrications are your key to seamless Building Control inspections.

Our high-calibre Structural Steel Fabrications encompass a diverse range, including:

  • Box Frames - For sturdy support in construction projects
  • Portal Frames - Engineered for optimal stability in large spans
  • Moment Frames - Robust design for exceptional load resistance
  • Canopies - Providing shelter with a combination of strength and style

Elevate your project further with our superior steel connection solutions:

  • Connection Brackets and Splices - Fortified with nuts & bolts for secure joining
  • Base and Connection Plates - Precision-fabricated for anchoring and attaching structural elements

Our comprehensive steel fabrication suite also boasts an assortment of precision cut and welded structures:

  • Equal and Unequal Angles - Tailored to meet diverse structural needs
  • Square, Rectangular, and Circular Hollow Sections - Offering versatility in form and function
  • Flat Bars - Serving dual purposes, from brickwork support (welded to topside of support beams) to flitch beams

You can find our local services for steel beams by clicking the area of your choice below:

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Expert steel fabrication for precise, durable, and bespoke solutions

We stand forefront of London's steel fabrication scene, boasting unparalleled experience spanning more than two decades.
Vinny Metalworks offers a wide range of steel fabrication services, including structural steel fabrication, RSJ beams, metal fences, balustrades, railings, and intricate welding projects.
Vinny Metalworks ensures quality by using high-quality materials, employing skilled craftsmen with extensive experience, adhering to strict quality control measures throughout the fabrication process, and complying with industry standards and regulations.
Yes, Vinny Metalworks specialises in bespoke steel fabrication solutions tailored to each client's specific needs. Whether it's a unique design, non-standard measurements, or intricate details, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and expertise.
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